Best Light Skin Cartoon Characters That You’ll Love In 2023

Light Skin Cartoon Characters

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After researching on Google, I just found 7 cartoon characters with light skin. You can also suggest some light skin characters. If your suggestion matches exactly, I will add it to this post.     

By the way, did you read our first article where we discussed about big ears cartoon character? It was so funny. You can read. 

In the FAQs section, we will know a little information about light skin.

Light Skin Cartoon Characters: Our Best Picks

  1. Alexandra From Totally Spies 
  2. Brock From pokémon
  3. Chicha from the Emperor’s New Groove
  4. Penny Proud From The Proud Family
  5. Mirage From Incredibles
  6. Jasmine From Aladin
  7. Mirabel From Disney Encanto

Light Skin Girl Cartoon: Alexandra

Alexandra From Totally Spies

Alexandra is one of the main characters from Totakky Spies. She is 5 feet, a 3-inch teenage girl. Her full name is Alexandra Viggi but she is best known as Alex. But her fans say that Alex should be known as “Super Spy Girl 3”.

She is inspired by bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls. Her favorite food is Chinese and Asian cuisine. Alexandra is a loyal friend and caring person who always tries to do what’s right.

Her best friend is Clover but her second best friend always tries to fix her mistakes. She always enjoys sports and athletics with her friends.

Funny Comments By Her Fans

  • She is the hottest girl
  • She looks great in that goth dress.
  • I named my puppy Ollie

Light Skin Disney Princess: Jasmine

Jasmine From Aladdin Infographic

Jasmine’s name was taken from a Persian beautiful flower. According to Fandom, Jasmine is the best light skin Disney princess on our list. She is best known for her light skin beauty, intelligence, and strong will. We will see Jasmine again on Descendants: The Rise of Red.

Do you know Jasmine’s new movie (Aladdin 2 ) will be released in 2025? Comment below. We have seen also Jasmine on various tv shows and video games such as Sofia the First, Disney Universe, etc.

Her speaking voice was Linda Larkin and her singing voice was Lea Salonga. By the way, how was this movie? Please Comment below. 

Some fun facts about Jasmine

  • It is the first time that a Disney lady wears pants.
  • Jasmine is one kind Of a Real Flower.
  • Her others nickname are Jaz, pussycat, and street mouse.

Fat Light Skin Cartoon Character: Mirabel

Mirabel From Encanto Infographic

Mirabel Madrigal is a Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 60th feature film. Byron Howard and Jared Bush were the directors. Her parents are Julieta and Agustín Madrigal. In 2021, she become the second female human protagonist from Disney Animated Cartoon.

Mirabel is a 15-year-old; her birthday is on March 6. She is described as quirky, emotional, and imperfect, and she is the only Madrigal to not receive a magical gift. But she likes dancing, singing, playing the accordion, helping others, sewing, handicrafts, and taking care of Antonio.

In the beginning, Stephanie Beatriz auditioned for the role of Luisa, but Mirabel was deemed to be a better fit for her because she had a perfect voice. She is also light skin Disney character.

Some questions By Her Fans

  • Does anybody else notice how much Mirabel resembles her mom?
  • If Mirabel had a real Archenemy who would it is?
  • She truly is the gift, and she is special in her own way.

Brock From Pokémon

Brock From Pokemon Infographic

In Pokemon, Broke is the main character. He leads the gyms in Kanto. His first appearance was in Pokemon Red and Blue, released in 1996. He was created by Satoshi Tajiri. I think he is also a light skin cartoon character. Do you think so?

He wants always to be a doctor for Pokemon. He is one of the most famous light skin characters in Pokémon history due to his character and contributions.

Quick facts about Brock

  • He is also known as Takeshi in Japan
  • His badge is Boulder
  • He is also a master of cooking and cleaning.

Mirage From Incredibles

Mirage From Incredibles Infographic

In The Incredibles, Mirage is one of the secondary antagonists and an assistant to the syndrome during the Super Genocide plan. Mirage is a pseudonym and her real name is still unknown. She is a smart woman and she likes her mid-length platinum-blonde hair, and earrings, and also wears black high-heeled shoes and expensive clothes.

Before, Mirage respected Syndrome as her supposed lover and leader. But he betrayed for sharing his taste.

She later became an anti-heroine because The Incredibles helped defeat Syndrome, and this was only possible after Syndrome had devalued her life.

Would you like to talk to Mirage? The phone number on her business card is (866) 787-7476. Feel free to comment if you have had a chance to talk to her.

Important Facts about Mirage

  • Brad Bird has said that she does not have superpowers
  • She is similar to several James Bond villainesses
  • he looks like an older Ada Wong in the Resident Evil game
  • At the end of the film, she becomes the third Pixar villain to reform.

Chicha from the Emperor’s New Groove

Chicha from the Emperor's Infographic

First of all, Chicha is Pacha’s wife, as well as a supporting character in Disney’s 2000 cartoon. She is a wise and good person. She spends the day doing her housework. She is a good cook and loyal to her family because her eldest children are healthy and well-educated children.

In addition to this, she can do anything for his family and she is able to solve problems related to his family with his intelligence.

Once Cuzco is forced out of the palace, however, Chicha and Pacha offer to let Cuzco stay with them until he graduates and becomes emperor again.

Do you know? He was removed many times but was again added for the sake of necessity.

Main facts about Chicha

  • The entire film she is shown in a yellow dress
  • She is the first pregnant woman At Disney
  • She finds tranquility in work.

 Penny Proud From The Proud Family

Penny Proud From The Proud Family Infographic

Penny Proud is the main character of Disney’s The Proud Family franchise and a secondary character in Louder and Prouder. She was born on June 4, 1987, in Emeryville, California. She is a 14-year-old and she lives in Emeryville, California with her parents and siblings.

She is a confident person, respectful towards his parents and friends; she tries to maintain good relations with everyone, even though friends haven’t always been faithful to her.

But she spends most of her time hanging out with LaCienega Boulevardez, Zoey Howzer, Sticky Webb, Michael Collins, and Dijonay Jones.

Kyla Pratt provides her voice, and Na’Shay provides her singing voice.

Some fun facts about Penny Proud

  • She likes hanging around with her friends.
  • She made countless friends on and off the show.
  • She is also proficient in writing and reciting poetry.


What is light skin?

It is a human skin color that’s generally lighter in color than other skin tones, often due to a medium higher concentration of melanin. It also means an African-American/Multi racial person or a black person with a light complexion. It can be caused by genetics, sun exposure, and skin conditions.


As a result, light skin cartoon characters have played a vital role in animation and storytelling. We enjoy their stories and they add depth to them.

Everyone feels inclusive and represented when there are characters with different skin tones. As creators continue making content, they should think about portraying characters from various backgrounds accurately and respectfully.

This will allow us to create a world that is more accepting and understanding for everyone.

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